Asked Questions




Do you make allergen-free, gluten-free, sugar-free or fat-free cakes?

We are unable to accommodate allergy and dietary restrictions.  We do not offer allergen-free, gluten-free, sugar-free or fat-free cakes.

What are your cake sizes?

Regular-12x10 (can feed up to 9 people)

Large-22x13 (can feed up to 25 people)

Single- 9in Round (can feed up to 10 people)

Double- 9in Round (can feed up to 10 people)

Cheese Cake- (1st layer: 9in round honey bun cake; 2nd layer:

9in cheesecake; 3rd layer: crust made out of honey bun cake,

making this a 6-7in tall cake, feeding 10 people)

Can I add nuts to my cakes?

Yes, we have chopped pecans, walnuts or almonds available at no additional charge.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept, cash, debit or Credit Cards and payments through PayPal. 

Do you have a retail store where I can walk in and purchase a cake on the spot?

No, we do not have a storefront for purchasing cakes on the spot. 

Do you need to refrigerate your cakes or are they fine at room temperature?

Our cakes stay fresh up to one week at room temperature.  However, we do recommend refrigerating our cakes to keep them fresh. It really depends on your preference.


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